Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taiwan: Return to the field

Following approval from Richmond, we made arrangements to return to Taiwan as soon as possible. We were able to keep the house where we had been living, and were assigned a new car as well. So our "homecoming" was very joyful and gratifying. Of course, we returned to language study (Two full years plus were required by the mission.) The Reverberations had been rehearsing some during my hiatus, and our reunion was very encouraging.
It is difficult for me to recount accurately the sequence of events over the next few years, so I will simply summarize.
Some of the pictures I will share have already been posted on Facebook, but they are a part of the story, so I will post a few here.
Some early pics of the Reverberations. (Many members are now married with grandchildren!)
One of our first performances at the Baptist Seminary: (no uniforms)
First Performance on TV Chen Jia Mei (Esther) accompanist.  

Frank Liu, guitar
Famous Trio
Lyou Interview

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